Video Segments

Welcome (2.5 min)
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Charles Nash, UA System

Opening Keynote Session (1 hr 3 min)
Seven Principles of Good Practice - Using Technology as Lever, Steve Ehrmann, The TLT Group

Promoting Active Learning (24 min)
Promoting Active Learning in Hybrid/Online Courses, Margaret Rice, UA

Student Self-Tests Promote Active Learning (30 min)
Tom Downs, UA

The Art of the Virtual Science Lab (27 min)
Ralph Lane, UA

Assessment and Academic Integrity - Part 1 (9 min)
Karen Shader, UAB

Assessment and Academic Integrity - Part 2 (38 min)
Jonathan Waugh, UAB

Assessment and Academic Integrity - Part 3 (23 min)
Tavia Sorrell, UAB

Pedagogical Callaboratories: Dynamic Web 2.0 Technologies (57 min)
Vivian Wright, UA

Technological Impact on Nursing Education (1 hr 10 min)
Jeanette VanderMeer, Becky Edwards, Marietta Stanton, UA

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners (1 hr 14 min)
Alexandra Pickett, SUNY

Extending the Classroom with Every Day Technology (30 min)
Jason Scofield, UA

Engaging the Student...What Really Works Well! (30 min)
Pamela Paustian, UAB

Concepts in Online Course Design - Visual and Multimedia Applications for Engaging Students (58 min)
Rod Nowakowski, UAB

Digital Writing Across the Curriculum (1 hr 23 min)
Steven Ehrmann, The TLT Group

Using Virtual Worlds for Teaching (57 min)
Rick Houser, UA

Technoheutagogy: Using Technology to Create a Learner-Directed Learning Environment (1 hr)
William Pelz, Herkimer